Around St.John's

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Quidi Vidi Prision<br>2 years less a day
Quidi Vidi Prision
2 years less a day
Quidi Vidi Lake<br>in front of my apt<br>Ocean is just over hill
Quidi Vidi Lake
in front of my apt
Ocean is just over hill
Colourful Houses<br>Downtown
Colourful Houses
Colourful Houses<br>Downtown<br>
Colourful Houses
"At Wit's Inn" on left
The Battery at the<br>mouth of the harbour
The Battery at the
mouth of the harbour
Watchdogs<br>Guarding the Harbour
Guarding the Harbour
Newfoundland Dog<br>and Labrador<br>Retriever statues
Newfoundland Dog
and Labrador
Retriever statues
1940 Aerial View<br>of the Harbour
1940 Aerial View
of the Harbour
1815 Map of the<br>Harbour and Environs
1815 Map of the
Harbour and Environs
Uphill Downtown
Uphill Downtown
More Colourful Houses<br>Also Start of Trans Canada
More Colourful Houses
Also Start of Trans Canada
Interesting<br>Downtown Mural
Downtown Mural
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